In the game of luminary, towns can serve many purposes. You as a player can join one to get the help of the other players in it, to chat in the town's private chat, to make use of their events, and many other things. In this guide we'll go over what a town is and how to make full use of its services.

What is a town?Edit

Towns are all over the world of luminary, and are shown on the map as a red dot with a name by it (some of these dots are Hunting Grounds)
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A Town

To enter a town, you just have to click on the building (like the one shown on the right)

Some towns are unoccupied, and impossible to join unless GMs decide to open it up. Occupied towns are ruled by a Town Chief, and the heads that he chooses to help him. When applying to join a town, the Chief is the one to talk to

The main purposes of a town are to bring a group of players together, and to provide people with various services (via NPCs and buildings)

Town BuildingsEdit

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Town Buildings(map view)

Town buildings offer services to everyone, whether or not they're a town resident. The funds raised from those buildings go towards that town's money

To open up any building's window, right click it.

Town HallEdit

This building allows you to see the town chief and building heads on a list, apply for residency, and to donate to the town.

The list of town heads is the first thing you see when you right click the building; this page also shows other information about the town, like the number of residents.

To register for a town: click the "Registration" tab at the top of the menu, then click "Application for the resident registration". It's a good idea to contact the Town Chief to make sure you will be approved as a resident.


Banks do what any bank does: stores money.

To open a new account: Click "Open Account" on the bank window.

To deposit money: Enter the amount you want to deposit in the box that says "Amount" to the left of it. Then click "Deposit"

To withdraw money: Enter the amount you want to withdraw in the box that says "Amount" to the left of it. Then click "Withdraw"


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Post OfficeEdit

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Hunting GroundEdit

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Party HallEdit

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Horse MarketEdit

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