To fish, u need : - Fishing Rod (or) Fisherman's Rod - Worms - Fishing Skill

Then, find a fishing locations. To recognize a fishing location, just look for fish jumping out of the water as shown in the pic.


Fishing locations are as follow.

North of Naos Sea Slug Abalone

North of Almasha Crucian Carp

North West of Kashgar Crucian Carp Catfish

North of Opet Catfish Carp

South of Brashkent Sea Slug Octopus Prawn

Far West of Vior Abalone Octopus Prawn.

Between Svaha & Turphania Abalone Octopus Prawn

North of Talasha Prawn

South of Tianshui Catfish Carp Eel

West of Amenta Mackerel

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Don't forget to click "Auto fishing" so it won't stop fishing after getting one fish.

Fishing Skill level needed to get 100% Fish // Skill Level Needed

Sea Slug // 15 Abalone // 17 Crucian Carp // 21 Catfish // 23 Carp // 25 Octopus // 27 Prawn // 29 Eel // 31 Mackerel // 34

Notes: Unlike mining and farming, u don't need food for fishing.