To farm, you'll need to meet the following criterias:Edit

1) Farming Skill

(30 books/skill level 30 = [successful rate] 40%)


So, as you can see from the screen-shot, with 53 skill level, the [successful rate] is 63%.

2) Sickle

Despite the high skll requirements for making a sickle, you can still try to make one since you will not "fail", but only create a crappy sickle which has a expiry time of one day instead of two. If you have enough marbles, you can still make sickles without having the necessary skill level.

3) Farm lease

You can apply for the farm lease at the towns that have Farm Building (Sambara and Athravan). This is the farm building.


Then, you can apply for a lease at Empty spot. How do u apply for it? In the screen-shot, u can see "Empty Farm". Click on it, then, click on "Lease" and then "Apply".


After farm head has accepted your application, you can use the farm. You may have to contact the Head of Farm Building through mail or PM if you find that you do not get the lease even though there are empty slots.

Alternatively, you can just get a 10-hours farm lease. Just go to a farm at Sambara or Athravan, equip a sickle and click on the farm. Make sure you have enough marbles with you, probably around 2 millions.

4) Food

For farming, you need food that add to your "Nervous System". "Pancake" and "Crucian Carp Spicy Soup" add +30 and +20 to nervous system respectively. If not, you may find yourself with a ailment called headache which will stop you from farming further. You will need headache pills to relive that.

Food that can be farmedEdit

This screen-shot shows all the food that can be farmed


After u've selected the food u want to farm, click on "Setting Crops". Then, make sure ur character has full "Nervous System". ANDDD u'r done! u can just go afk for up to one hour, depending on ur character level. U'll have to come back to ur pc to feed ur char or ur char will fall sick :P

Good luck farming and make heaps of money from it~!